We’re Terrified and Excited at the Same Time!

Don't Panic!

  Ok. Don’t panic. No. We won’t panic. Pull our hair out? Lose sleep? Run around like crazy trying to get things done before one of us is gone for good? Sure. Do all of these. But just…don’t…panic. What, you ask, could possibly make us come to this stressful place … Show me the rest!

Video of the Month- Watch a Mobile Home Demolition!

MyMobilehomeMakeover.com Video of the Month

Check out this month’s Video of the Month. I love how this video shows everything in the guts of the mobile home. It’s nice to get an in depth view, especially into an older home because so many people are buying them for little money and turning them into such … Show me the rest!

Video of the Month- Bathroom re-do- No more wall strips!

MyMobilehomeMakeover.com Video of the Month

Check out this video we’ve chosen for our Video of the Month. A nice, low cost bathroom remodel with removal of wall strips. Some easy alterations here to keep within your budget. There’s a lot you can do with existing features by resurfacing rather than replacing. I like the way … Show me the rest!

We Built A Pergola

Pergola from side yard. Mymobilehomemakeover.com

As we have gotten older and our children have gone on to college and subsequently moved on to big people jobs, our life together has changed a lot. We’ve taken some great vacations, gone to Lollapalooza (IKR!!!), and started working out every day, to name a few of the changes. … Show me the rest!

I Saw The Light- The Story of A Lantern

Cottage Lantern with Pull chain

Recently Several months ago, I shared a couple of posts about our living room remodel. In some of the images were lanterns that we installed. Many of you have inquired about those lanterns so I decided it was time they had a post of their own. I have never been … Show me the rest!

Shasta Re-Issues the 1961 Airflyte Trailer for A Limited Run!

  Recently, I read an article and interview that shared a terrific update in the world of small vintage trailers for those who find them all-the-rage like our wonderful mobile home owners community. Shasta, makers of the Airflyte Trailer, have re-issued 1,941 limited-run 1961 Airflyte reproductions for purchase!  For more … Show me the rest!

Myth- Mobile Homes Can’t Stand Up To…


…tornadoes! Simply put, I call BS. In a recent article in the Clarion Ledger out of the (great?) state of Mississippi, writer Jerry Mitchell is adamant that manufactured homes are death traps.  Death traps! Hyperbole much? I used to worry about the quality of manufactured housing and had those concerns reinforced by … Show me the rest!

Mobile Home Living Room Remodel- The Finale

Finished knotty pine living room.

So, you checked out our post “Mobile Home Living Room Remodel- Episode 1, and you’re bugged that we didn’t include the final pics of the finished project in the first post, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Instead of sharing these pics in a gallery right away, I’m … Show me the rest!

Mobile Home Living Room Remodel- Episode 1

Harman Pellet Stove

Hello dear visitor!  We’re so happy you’ve found your way here! Our new post is a long one and begs to be two posts to give the project its due. It did take four months of weekends to complete during the Winter of 2013. It was completed the weekend before … Show me the rest!

Can I Paint My Mobile Home? Yes I Can!

New Coat of Paint

Sooooo many months ago, I posted on our facebook page that we were getting ready to have our double wide painted.  People asked me to share our experience, and soooo many months later, I am finally getting around to telling you all about it! After 17 years of remodeling the … Show me the rest!