Get Rid of Wall Strips in Mobile Home

Solution to wall strips in my mobile home.Howdy all!  I have decided to remove the User Forum from this site since it doesn’t really seem to generate any discussion, but rather,  just bogs down my site and makes it slower to run.  I’m hoping that discussion will be active if I just get down to business and keep writing here…which is my real desire, but there is always some project going on around here!

On a happy note- I do have lots of photos and posts that I can share as soon as thing settle down for the Summer and I can get those thoughts together.  There have been lots of new things happening here, things I’m dreaming about getting done, and lots of questions I’d like to ask all of you out there who like to make your mobile homes even “homier”.

So- on to the topic- since I’m removing the forum, I’m going to make a few posts with the topics from the forum that actually did have questions and responses there and I will open up all posts for comments from registered users.  Yes, you must be registered to post, but that helps to keep the site more clear of spam for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s the Big Question of the Day-

How do you get rid of the strips that separate the wall board pieces in your mobile home?

MMHM Member “skrapwood” asked:

“Has anyone found a way around those lovely lattice strips they use to join drywall board without replacing the drywall all together?  Either by decorating or another way of taping the seams?  We tried using a stucco effect but the seams just cracked.  And we tried just painting over them as if they didn’t exist but that doesn’t seem to work either, they are still there in all the wrong places.”

Me again:

I would love to hear all the ways people are doing it, whether you’ve had success, even if you’ve had not so much success, since we all want to know what is a bad idea in order to save ourselves time and money.

I’ll post the rest of the questions throughout the week if I find more.  I know there’s one coming up about those infrared heaters.  I’d really be interested in some lively conversation filled with your opinions on those.  I’m not too optimistic!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend y’all.  I hope you find the time to site back and enjoy your labors at your home rather than always laboring.

Remember,  just say “no” to wall stripping!

Peace out-

The McGees


  1. Well in my old house we scuff sanded the walls and kilzed them and then painted over said strips….in my larger double wide that I bought as a foreclosure and noe I have a hone with no mortgage that was twice the size I had before. …we have done methods….we have tapped and muddled the joints and sanded them out and only had one joint Crack but had more to do with a person’s body falling hitting it. …and we have also just put joint conpound in smaller cracks and sanded them out. Either way haven’t had an issue as long as you prepare your surface correctly.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Christina!

      Good on you for finding a home on foreclosure and getting a good deal! We're hoping to retire and move South in 4 years or so. If we could find a place like that that only needed a little work, we would be in heaven! There's so many ways people have shared they are working with the challenges of wall strips. It is the most popular question we get here on our blog!

      Good luck with your future projects and thanks for sharing your advice.

  2. I found most of the mouldings in mine was vinyl wrapped. So I used a Vinyl primer, available at Home Depot, on everything first, then my paint stuck to it just like it would have on real wood. Also used the vinyl primer over all that wallpaper and it worked great to keep the paint adheared to well.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting Debbie! This is good information. Our wall strips were vinyl wrapped too, just like the walls. I can't stand that stuff! Thanks for the ideas and sharing your experience!

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