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So, today I took my hundredth or so picture of projects we have completed in this here mobile home that I wish to include on this blog and share with all of the millions of happy and creative mobile home dwellers out there. And then I thought “how great it will be when I upload this post,” even putting together some of the content in my head as I worked along during the day.

Sadly, I have done this time after time. And because we are always moving on to the next thing, it becomes hard to actually stop and put together a coherent post that shares the project, clearly explains how we completed it, and offers some real help and motivation to people out there who might be reading. I am always looking for inspiration on the Web and I wish to offer it here as well.

So, here is my first post wingin’ it! From now on, I will put the project or post out there and if there are questions, you can ask them in the comments and I’ll do my best to clarify or inspire!

I apologize that this site has not been maintained as I had hoped it would be. From now on, I will update our site with all the happenings from this great home. I hope you enjoy!