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Final Product

Hi there folks!

This week, Mr. McGee is going to take over the writing for  I have posted pics of a starter garden in our front yard a couple of times in a gardening post here.  This garden has matured quite well and it was time to give it some more definition.  When the Mr. was looking for a place to put up a serious flag pole, I gave him my blessing to make that garden his own. He’s a Marine Corps Veteran so we’ve had many mounted flag poles over the years and always had an American flag hanging, but they wear out and break and have to be replaced too often.  Here’s Mr. McGee’s instructions and some pics of the flag pole he built.  Semper Fi!


DIY Flag Pole:

1 – 5 gal bucket w/lid
2 – Bags quickcrete concrete
25 ft nylon rope
1 – 3” x 8’ section PVC pipe
2 – 2” x 8’ sections PVC pipe
1 – 3” to 2” coupler
1 – 2” coupler
1 – 2” PVC end
2 – Rope clips
1 – Rope cleat
1 – Pulley
Optional- small stone to cover the concrete and bucket, or you can just cover with dirt.

Cut hole in the center of the lid to fit the 3” section of PVC pipe, fill with concrete, place lid on and put the section of pipe in let harden (be sure pipe is straight/level).  Dig a hole, place bucket in selected location.  Select a 2” PVC pipe and install the pulley 4” from the top and run the rope through the pulley so that the full length of the rope is in half with the fold of the rope on the pulley. Determine how far apart the grommets on the flag are.  At the distance below the pulley that you want the flag to sit, connect the rope clips at an interval the same as the distance between grommets on the flag. Once these are attached, glue the PVC end in place.  Now glue the 3” to 2” reducer in place, join the 2 sections of 2” PVC sections together using the 2” coupler ensuring all are straight.  Attach the grommets on the flag to the clips and raise your flag.  Tie the ends of the rope together. Now enjoy!

To see the images in full screen, click on the FS in the bottom right hand corner in the gallery.

[flagallery gid=7 name=”DIY Flag Pole”]