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Tom Shadyac on Oprah.comMeet Tom Shadyac, director, producer, and screenwriter of movies like Liar Liar, Evan Almighty, Nutty Professor, and Patch Adams to name a few . Tom enjoyed a life of luxury in a multi-million dollar home in Pasadena. After an accident, he began rethinking his level of happiness in the world and what all the responsibilities of having so much did to his stress levels and his ability to be happy.  He even produced a documentary about his process and the questions he began asking himself called I Am.

It’s nice to see a different kind of thinking around living simply. Living in a mobile or manufactured home is a great start! Check out his interview and tour of  Tom’s home on

Granted, his mobile home is really lovely, but I’m pretty sure my closet is nicer than his! Anyway, enjoy your mobile home and make it the best home you can.  Home is where your heart is and your heart is in your home.

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