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So, you checked out our post “Mobile Home Living Room Remodel- Episode 1, and you’re bugged that we didn’t include the final pics of the finished project in the first post, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Instead of sharing these pics in a gallery right away, I’m just going to lay some of them out here in their beautiful glory and share my thoughts as I go. Shall we? I’ll include a gallery at the end.

Sofa view

We covered the entire room with knotty pine tongue and groove panel. It came out beautifully, but it wasn’t easy! This project took us from January until May to complete working nearly every weekend give or take a few for R&R.

There wasn’t originally a light fixture in the center of the ceiling in this room. The beam in the center is where the two house sections come together and for many years we hard wired a cord into a ceiling fan/light and then mounted the cord along the ceiling and down the wall. It looked hideous even when it was covered with one of those wire cap thingy-ma-bobs. So, we took this opportunity to install real wiring and installing it all proper like. It looks terrific!

Center beam recovered

Our bookshelves and benches took several weekends to build, hang, sand, and paint.  But, they were well worth it.  These fantastic benches hold 16 bags of wood pellets!  That means once every two weeks we have to walk outside and bring pellets in the house to feed the pellet stove.  We didn’t even plan it that way. Originally, I just wanted a bunch of storage to fill with blankets, paper towels, beverage supplies, you know, all that crap you buy at Costco and don’t have anywhere to store.  Anyhoo…one day after lugging in a few bags of pellets in -10* weather it occurred to me how lovely it would be to find another place for all that junk and store pellets in them.  It was a pure stroke of genius, if I may say so myself.

Close up of book shelves

Book shelves and benches

In our original post, Mobile Home Living Room Remodel- Episode 1, you will see a ridiculous little wall in the old living room in the gallery pictures. It was about 20 inches wide and just hung out in the middle of the room for no purpose.  We took this opportunity to get rid of it and enjoy an open space there now. This was such a useless wall that there was no concern that it was load bearing at all. In fact, when tearing it out, it was barely attached to anything much less holding anything up!
Small bedroom door with no hall separation

In the image above, the small wall once sat right at the end of where the bench is by the door. It looks so much nicer now!

I will also speak highly about our choice of heating source in our home, which is a Harman Pellet Stove.  Our stove is by far one of the best investments we have ever made for our home. It’s new this year and it’s absolutely beautiful! Lights itself, thermostat regulated, only needs cleaning once per ton burned…it is a blessing and a joy to have it in our home.

View of front with lit Harman Pellet Stove

I’ll close this post by saying that, while we have done a lot of projects, this may well be the most time consuming and exhausting project we have completed. We even put new floors in three rooms, wallpapered a bedroom, tore out a complete bathroom and restored in one shot before and that whole job wasn’t nearly as much work as this one was.  It was just a lot of overhead work with our arms up in the air and lots of cutting and nailing and filling and painting.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE this room. It is more than we could have ever hoped for. But if you take on a project like this, think it through very carefully to avoid mishaps and frustration.

We worked in a circle and did it in sections that we thought through very carefully for cutting, trimming, working with weird angles and those nutzo problems you ALWAYS come across in a mobile home project.  BUT!  We were also able to alleviate some of the things that have always bugged us or that just didn’t get done quite the way we would have liked during another project in our living room, just by thinking things through and taking our time.  And…the best part…we are still married after it all!

We hope you enjoy these photos and that they bring you some inspiration.  This truly has made our mobile home feel like a stick-built cottage more than any other project you will find on this website.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy the gallery of photos below. (You can see the images in full screen by clicking on the small “FS” in the bottom right corner of the gallery) Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on our project and any other ideas you’d like to share.

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Happy remodeling!

The McGees