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Thanks so much to the wonderful I LOVE MANUFACTURED/MOBILE HOMES facebook page for cluing us in to this terrific video from “Michael Holigan’s Your New House” Home Improvement TV Show. Watch as Schult Homes in South Texas builds a manufactured home from the ground up in the factory.

While the whole video is informative, my particular favorite moments in this video are:

Approx. 2:35 a quick image of a guy measuring between studs. Ha! I think we all know they don’t really do this!!! Or, at least they haven’t in any manufactured home I’ve lived in :-) I can’t find a stud 16″ on center to save my life in our home. This guy measuring is like a unicorn…”Does he really exist?”

Approx. 4:15 a great description of the Federal safety requirements for building manufactured homes and how they must comply with standards for different areas around the nation where the home may face different challenges such as cold or storms. His description makes it clear they must meet standards that can meet the challenges of the area.

Approx. 5:45 an interesting technique for doing knockdown on walls to look like stucco. I thought it looked worth exploring for the rest of us as an option for wall resurfacing.

What are your thoughts on this video? Did learn anything in particular that you didn’t know or have new understanding about? What do you wish they would do that they don’t?

Enjoy this video winner for this month.