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About Us

Hi! We’re Darren and Beth, and we’ve lived in our double-wide mobile home since 1995. Unfortunately, our mobile home was built before the new HUD regulations for mobile home building standards and we have had many surprises along the way during our renovation projects!

We love the area we live in out in the country. Several years ago, we looked around our home and tossed around the idea of buying/building a new stick built home. We researched the process, searched for homes, and came to a different conclusion. We live in a perfectly good home that has developed landscaping and all the things we love right here. For less than 1/10th the cost, we could renovate our home and make it more structurally sound and more aesthetically pleasing, while updating and making it more energy efficient every step of the way.

We had done several smaller projects like flooring and painting/wallpaper in years past. This time, we undertook 4 months of do-it-yourself demolition and rebuilding that taught us so much and gave us such a sense of pride and accomplishment in our home. We have renovated over half of our home, and have more projects on our minds that will complete the process. When we finish, we will have no mortgage. Yipppeeeee! It doesn’t get much better than that.

We hope to inspire and encourage others to choose this option. Wasting perfectly good, restorable structures is wasteful. Building a new home can be a stressful burden, compounded by the upkeep and cloud of a large, unpredictable mortgage payment. Why not make what you have better and save tons of money at the same time?

We’d love to have this site build a community of mobile home owners around the globe who have remodeled and built on to their homes, sharing pros and cons, triumphs and failures, warnings and great ideas, and much more… So sign in and start sharing your projects. We can’t wait to be inspired by you all!

May your mobile home makeover be marvelous!

Darren and Beth