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  1. Ghedra

    We are new to mobile home living also. I want to put a closet in the living room off of the master bedroom. This is ab 2006 clayton doublewide. Any id e a s on how the wiring runs. From the ceiling or the floor, and around the walls or up from the floor, or down from the ceiling. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you. Ghedra Dunn

    • mmhmakeover

      Hi Ghedra!
      Thanks for your question!
      While we cannot know for sure how your particular double wide is made but if you will look at the photo at this link. you will see that the wiring is wired through the walls and then stretched up through the ceiling. The plumbing is generally put through the lower walls and flooring so it wouldn't be safe or prudent to put electrical wiring in the same area that water generally runs.

      We hope this helps you in your quest to put in a closet! We did the same. You can see it in this post:
      We found the space hidden in the wall!

      Good luck with your project…
      The McGees

  2. Jim

    We just moved into our double wide home and it looks just like the photo of yours. We want to remove the large tube in the bathroom and turn it into a walk in closet. Do you have some suggestions before I start? This is our first mobile home but I am very good with wood work so I don't feel like it will be a hard job.

    Do you know of anything I should watch out for?

    Thanks for your time.

    • mmhmakeover

      Thanks for visiting, Jim!
      We actually did something similar for my aunt and uncle in their double wide. They had a large tub they would never use. We removed it and put their washer and dryer in that space and built a storage cabinet to do laundry folding and store things in. When we tore out the tub, it was hard to get up because the drain did not want to let go. Yanking on that drain pipe and trying to get under it to cut it off from below was a trick. As I remember, we actually had to go under the house and cut from there inside the underbelly of the house.
      Once the tub was out, it was tricky getting it out of the house because it was a garden tub style and awkwardly shaped for moving out the door. There was also a wall mirror that was behind the tub. We tore that out and it wasn't only stuck there with the twisty clips, it was also glued, so we had to do some repair to the wall after pulling it off.

      These are the only things we had issue with that I can recall. Just be sure that if you are not going to use the water lines there, you use some really good shut offs or compression fittings to seal them up so there won't be any hidden water damage once you aren't using them any longer. You will also want to cap off that tub drain pipe. You may also have a vent for that drain that may not be needed once the tub is done and drain capped. Just be sure that the vent is only for the tub and not for the whole bathroom. Otherwise you will have trouble with toilet flushing and sink/shower drainage.

      Good luck with your project!

  3. Jayne

    This is my 1st time living in a double wide. I would like to nail up a planter by one of my windows. Would that cause a problem with the siding?

    • mmhmakeover

      Hi Jayne. Thanks for visiting! I think it would depend upon how old your home is, what type of siding it is, and if there is good support under the siding that you will be nailing to. Also, I would recommend screwing it in rather than nailing. Better grip! Good luck. If you get it done, please don't hesitate to share a pic of it on our facebook page.

  4. Jane Bedford-Crooks-Paredes

    Thank you very much!!


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